Driveway Seal Coating

*Coal tar seal coating * Hot crack repairs *
* Driveway maintenance

Our Sealcoat Service ALWAYS Include:


  • Power Cleaning with blower & manually sweep
  • pre-treated oil and gas spots and treat with primer
  • Crack sealing with hot pour rubber sealer
  • Sealer applied with sprayer or squeegee
  • Weed and or moss covered areas will be treated 

We use coal tar seal coating which meets or exceeds federal specifications RP-355e.

Our Seal coating Blend Features:

  • Excellent durability
  • Fast drying
  • Outstanding resistance to water
  • Rich black color
  • Improved resistance to oil or gas



·    Crack Sealing with Hot Pour Rubber Sealer

·         Seams: Garage, Sidewalk, and Street

·         Sealer Applied with sprayer or squeegee

·         Complete Clean-up Prior to Leaving Each Job

·          Tape off driveway when  finished



      AJE Services LLC provides a high quality beautiful looking jet
    black driveway seal coating service. We take the utmost pride  
    and  care on every job we do. We offer a full driveway  
    maintenance service from seal coating, crack 
    repairs, priming and sealing stains, parking  lot
    striping and more.
    Contact us at 
203-804-1091 or email us

Why should I seal coat my driveway?
Asphalt pavements are made up of stone (aggregate), fine stone or sand, and asphalt binders. The asphalt binder is what gives the pavement its black appearance and is the "glue" that holds everything together. New asphalt is jet black but soon begins to fade. That's oxidation; this is the effect of sun, rain, and snow oxidizing the asphalt cement in the pavement. Given enough time the pavement becomes brittle and has less resistance to the loads placed on it. Asphalt is a petroleum product so any other petroleum derivatives that contact it will dissolve into the asphalt, weakening or dissolving the "glue-like" properties. These products commonly include motor oil, transmission/power steering or brake fluids, gasoline and perhaps household solvents .
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